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Kretek, The Culture and Heritage of Indonesia’s Clove Cigarettes; Mark Hanusz; Eqinox Publishing; 2003; 203 pp

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A Cup of Java

A Cup of Java; Gabriella Teggia & Mark Hanusz; Equinox; 2003; 142 pp

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Dawn of the Golden Age

Dawn of the Golden Age, Northern Netherlandish Art; 1580 -1620; Ger Luijten & Ariane Van Suchtelen; RijksMuseum; 1994; 717 pp; Hard Cover

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Bali, a Traveller’s Companion

Bali, a Traveller’s Companion; Debbie G. Haer; Archipelago Press; 2000; 297 Page; Hard Cover

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Wanita Utama Nusantara dalam lintasan Sejarah

Wanita Utama Nusantara dalam lintasan Sejarah; Ismail Sofyan & M.Hasan Basry; Jayakarta Agung; 1994; 155 pp; Hard Cover Exclusive

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Court Arts of Indonesia

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Court Arts of Indonesia; Helen Ibbitson Jessup; The Asia Society Galleries; 1990; 287 PP; Hard Cover

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East Java; Land of Ancient Mysteries

eastEast Java; Land of Ancient Mysteries; Nigel Bullough; 1991

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Straits Affairs, the Malay world & Singapore


Straits Affairs, the Malay world &
Singapore, Being Glimpses of the straits settlement and the malay
peninsula in the nineteenth century as seen through;
DJM Tate; Art Printing Works; 1989

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Art of The World – Indonesia


Art of The World – Indonesia; Frits A.Wagner; Methuen London; 1959.

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Toraja Indonesia’s Mountain Eden

torajaToraja Indonesia’s Mountain Eden, Prof.Samban C.Parinding, Times Editions, 1988

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